chronicweirdo ▲ 2018

Deleting old drafts

[Comic idea]
Blob 1: Going to defense mechanism.
Blob 2: What? You're not going to work today?
Blob 1: Yes, work, that's what I said.
Close shot with vacant look.

[Comic idea]
Blob pitches business idea to fat blob about relationship insurance, if the relationship fails you get a sum of money to drink and forget about it.

[Some idea]
Progress. Auto-complete keyboards learn from you, all the while training you to voluntarily limit your communication abilities to some easy to predict, restricted options.

[Comic idea]
A customer is offered the option of giving their personal details for the chance of winning something at a store. Later, two aliens, one in front of the computer: Hey, I just bought 500000 addresses for people under 25 from a StoreMart employee!
The second alien: Oh, joy! Abductions start tonight!

[Some stupid idea]
How are chronicweirdo comics made? With pixie dust and lemonglade.

[Spaghetti idea]
Spaghetti graffiti made from sugar glass.

How's it going, what's new in your life?
Oh, I recently got married.
Whoa, dude!

How's it going, what's new in your life?
Oh, I recently went back to Firefox after using Chrome for several years.
Whoa, dude!